Winter 2024

CLASSES are held once a week, for 40 minutes, and limited to 10 childrenplus a parent or caregiver if the age-group warrants. Children are grouped within their birth year (like they are in school), and “graduate” to the next level each September. The material is tailored to the participants, and no two terms are ever alike!

The 8-wk Winter term runs:
SAT: Jan 6 – Feb 24
TUE: Jan 9 – Feb 27

There WILL be classes Family Day weekend (Feb 17). In the event of an unscheduled cancelled class, it will be made up at the end of the session (Mar 5 & 9). Missed classes can be made up within the term, if there is room in an appropriate age group, and by prior arrangement, or may be transferred to a sibling or friend to use within the term.

“WIGGLERS & WANDERERS” ~ born in ’22 & ’23
We’ll learn songs & rhymes for clapping, tickling, playing peekaboo, bouncing to the beat, swinging, swaying and more! Specially designed instruments will be there for them to safely explore aurally and orally. Puppets that might “Quack” or “Moo” and little dances for two heighten the enjoyment until Lullaby-time brings a soothing close for both of you. Tue 11:15 & 1:30

“FAMILY MUSIC” ~ all ages
There’s no age limit; all that’s needed is an interest in having fun making music together! We’ll sing, dance, clap, tap and play a different set of instruments every week. Families & caregivers with just one child are welcome, too! (15% discount for siblings, n/c for sleeping babies or those under 4 months old.) Tue 9:45, Sat 9:30 

“IMAGINATION SAFARI” ~ for 3-5 year olds
What better way for children to experience music than through movement? Every week a different Drama & Dance adventure. We might join the circus, set sail on a pirate ship, or fly over the rainbow to the land of unicorns & dragons! (Sorry grownups, children stay on their own for this one.) Sat 10:25  

Focus is on playfully discovering rhythms, developing beat and vocal skills, and exploring pitch & dynamics through songs, rhymes, stories, and movement. We’ll play xylophones and all kinds of drums, shakers, bells, tambourines, and more! Musical literacy will be introduced. Sat 11:20

“KODORFF” ~ Grades 1 – 3 (SK by special permission)
“Kodaly” & “Orff” teaching methods are combined with a dash of “Dalcroze”, so learning is vibrant and active. We’ll play clapping and singing games, then transfer those rhythms to almost anything that can be struck, shaken, or rubbed to make sound! We’ll also create soundscapes for stories & poems, and begin to learn the basics of reading & writing music. Sat 12:30

“U-CAN UKULELE!” ~ for 6-8 yr olds 
This is a continuation of the Fall term, so some experience is required. We’ll have fun strumming, singing & picking as we continue to learn the basics of this versatile instrument. Students must provide their own ukulele (GCEA tuning – don’t worry, I can help with that!). Tue 4:50 (Private & semi-private classes can also be arranged)