“This is not your garden variety music and movement class for children. Jodie challenges and engages small people with a keen understanding of how much they can do and enjoy – with real music, beautiful stories, and a positive approach to participation.” ~ Olga Mychajluk (Parent/Artistic Administrator, Kitchener Waterloo Symphony)

“Jodie’s classes are exactly what music and dance classes for children should be. She combines her passion for music and her love for children. She understands how to reach them at each stage of their development. Her enthusiasm for music, fun and play is infectious. She somehow manages to keep her classes (even classes filled with two year olds) structured, yet fun and carefree. Her classes are musical magic. I love Jodie’s classes!” ~ Christine Langschmidt (parent)

“The combination of Jodie’s love of music and dance, professional artistic experience, dedication to teaching, and clear joy while working with children is precisely why we love sending our son to her classes, and why he LOVES going! Not only does he have an amazing amount of fun, but he has learned a lot about music and dance, which he shares with us at home.” ~ Julia Gray (Parent/ Playwright/Director)

“Her classes really are second to none… I have participated with all 3 of my children; by the third child they were the only ones I enjoyed going to!!! She is an amazing, knowledgeable teacher whose energy and enthusiasm engages everyone in the room.” ~ Suzanne Murray

“I had tried other classes in the community but nothing compared. Jodie creates a magical musical world. Our home has become one full of song, whether just to sing, or to use it as a tool to engage them in sitting at the table, getting dressed or tidying up.” ~ Karen Leslie

“It’s now been twelve years since we first met Jodie, and we still enthusiastically recommend her music programs to everyone we know. We were avid participants, starting with parent and tot classes, moving into independent children-only classes, and also enjoying the summer camps. Her lessons are always fun, with the perfect balance of repetition from past classes, and introduction of new songs, rhythms and instruments. My children were always eager to return to class, and I was always impressed with Jodie’s musical talents, as well as her ability to calmly manage any social or emotional crisis between the students. ” ~ Robyn Irving (Clinical Child Psychologist)

“I couldn’t dream of life without your class; my son is so loving it. He talks about it all week, asking to sing the various songs. What joy to hear him singing on his own, as he plays with trucks or Lego! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity.” ~ Debbie Woolfe

“My daughter’s first music class with Jodie was 6 years ago; we both loved it so much we have not missed a session ever since! Her authentic warmth and enthusiasm comes through in every class she teaches. I also love the broad, eclectic and developmentally appropriate music education my kids are receiving, and would highly recommend her classes and camps to anyone!” ~ Jennifer Popkin

“I started attending Jodie’s “Family Music” class three years ago. She has a gift of connecting with kids through her warm disposition and her music. Jodie does a great job at managing them in her classes, which are a great balance of learning the basics of music, moving to music, hands-on experience with instruments, and tons of fun! 3 years later, the girls are now in Jodie’s Rhythmatics and Kodorff classes, and intend on staying with her as long as they can!” ~ Melissa Watanabe

“Our son has been a student of Jodie’s since before he turned one. Over the past few years, she has watched him grow into a happy and engaged three year old with a keen ear for music. He has clearly benefitted from this musical stimulation from such a young age; he sings while he plays, and recognizes songs on the radio after only a few notes. We really enjoy Jodie’s teaching style, the song selection, and the variety of musical instruments that she introduces to the children. Jodie’s genuine love for music is as apparent as her love for the kids and we are excited to soon be introducing our second child to Jodie’s fantastic classes.” ~ Lisa Lebeer & Simon Nelson

“Jodie creates an engaging music time for mothers and their children that is developmentally appropriate for the age and stage of your child, while her good humour and warmth always make you feel at home. She is able to foster exploration of music through movement, rhythm, and instruments. The music and activities in Jodie’s class will easily fill your home and become the soundtrack to the childhood of your little one.” ~ Lisa McRae (Psychotherapist)

“Jodie Friesen is a true talent, both as a musician and a teacher. I am amazed at how rich the music experience is in her class with such young children. Being an Elementary school music teacher myself, I was delighted that I, too, found the lessons engaging and quite enjoyable. Her gentle approach makes everyone feel that they can bond with their child through music, no matter their level of musical experience. We would highly recommend any family to try one of Jodie’s very fun and creative music sessions.” ~ Rhonda Hanson and Ella Jo

“My kids love Jodie and I love sending them to her. I know they’re having fun, being creative, and all the while learning the fundamentals of music. She provides structure without inhibiting the kids’ spirits and content without being didactic. I have had my three children with Jodie when they were toddlers through to school age and Jodie handles each age and stage beautifully. She is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her.” ~ Jennifer Latella (Singer)

“Jodie is a master teacher. My daughter LOVED her classes and I learned so much. Years later, we are still singing the songs we learned. I have recommended her classes to so many people I have lost count.” ~ Kate Cornell (Educator and Writer)

“A weekly treat! Jodie has a beautiful voice, talent and manner. I personally enjoyed the pace of the class as it wasn’t obnoxious or overwhelming for the little ones, like some other classes are.” ~ Holly Friesen (no relation)

“It’s great to be in a class where you can tell that the instructor just loves what they are doing!” ~ Paula Runge

“Jodie’s passion for music and her musical talent has had a great impact on my son. We love that he comes home and sings songs, along with the actions, that he has learned. It has also helped him to grow both socially and emotionally. Jodie has proved just how important it is to have music activities as part of our lives. We look forward to “Little Voices, Dancing Feet” each week!” ~ Sandi & Ryan Walters

“Every time we go past the church, my grandchildren reminisce about music class, with the songs, marching and skipping and Miss Jodie. I’m amazed at everything they remember about the class. It makes a great impression and that fact that they love it so much is a real tribute to her!” ~ Nora Glass

“I want to let you know how much my son is enjoying his classes with you. All weekend he has been making these wonderfully musical sounds, hopping around like a frog or a snake or a fish…… We feel lucky to have found someone as wonderfully creative as you (but also combined with sound musical knowledge, which I so appreciate).” ~ Wendy Potter

“She wakes up on Thursdays saying your name and singing “Rum Sum Sum” ;-). Lord knows how she knows what day of the week it is! Thanks!!” ~ Jen Bowden

“For the children, you have the perfect mix of listening, hands on, dancing around and quiet time. For the adults, the classes are well organized, punctual and a good place to meet other parents. We look forward to more classes in the future!” ~ Zoe Webster

“I always noticed the happiness in my son’s eyes when he finished a class with Jodie. It was a rewarding experience and I truly believe she is the best teacher of music for children. I have had many teachers and you are simply wonderful.” ~ Renee Long

“… I was especially impressed with the overall format; your music choices were perfect for what you were doing with the children – it was simply wonderful from beginning to end!” ~ Terry Parkinson (“First Adventures In Dance”)