Late Summer Classes


Join in the fun OUTSIDE this Summer in Monarch Park  (weather permitting)! We’ll clap, dance & sing, play “Peekaboo”, blow bubbles, bounce & swing, and play drums, shakers, bells, tambourines & more, until it’s time for a soothing lullaby. 🙂

All classes will be on a drop-in basis, so you don’t have to worry about missing a class when you go on holiday, or if you/your child are feeling under the weather.

Payment by e-transfer: $25 for one child, $45 for 2-3 children in the same family & class. Discount for cash: $20 for one child, $40 for 2-3 children in the same family & class. (Exact change appreciated.) Accompanying siblings younger than 4 months (or asleep) or 6 years + are FREE!

Does Nana/Grandpa or Auntie want to share in the fun? Bring them along! And I always appreciate a note to let me know that you are planning on coming, but if it’s a last minute decision, that’s ok, too.

Please email me if you’d like to be put on the “Shout-out” list, so I can keep you up to date with when there will be a class:

If your child has never taken one of the classes before, please download and complete the Summer ’23 Registration form and email it to the address above – a photo with your phone is fine. (Sorry… I haven’t quite figured out those lovely online forms, yet. Too busy singin’ & dancin’!)

“FAMILY MUSIC” ~ all ages
Tue: 9:45 & Sat: 9:30 at Monarch Park

“WIGGLERS, WANDERERS & WOBBLERS” ~ born in ’21, ‘22 & ’23
Tue: 11:00 at Monarch Park