Spring 2023

CLASSES are held 1 x/week, for 40 minutes, and limited to 10 children, plus one grownup, where applicable. They are grouped by their birth year, like they are in school, and “graduate” to the next level each September. The material is tailored towards the participants and no two terms are ever alike!

The 9-week Spring term runs: 
SAT: April 15 – June 17 (x May 20) 
TUE: April 18 – June 13

All classes will be held at St. John’s Norway Church  (Mask wearing for 3 yr + greatly appreciated.) Pop-up classes might be held in Cassels Park when weather permits. Please contact us if you want to be in the know for when this happens!  littlevoices@sympatico.ca

There will be no classes Victoria Day weekend (May 20). In the event of an unscheduled cancelled class, it will be made up at the end of the term (June 20 & 24). Missed classes may be made up in another appropriate age-group, or you can use the credit for another child or a friend to try a class within this term, space permitting. Drop-ins welcome!

We’ll clap, tap, tickle, bounce, rock, swing, find toes & noses, and play peekaboo! There will be instruments for aural AND oral stimulation. Puppets that “quack” & “moo” and dances for two heighten the enjoyment until lullaby-time brings a soothing close. Tue 11:15

“FAMILY MUSIC” ~ all ages!
There’s no age limit, all that’s needed is an interest in having fun making music together. We’ll sing & dance and play drums, tambourines, shakers, bells, rhythm sticks, finger cymbals, and more! Families & caregivers with just one child are welcome, too. (Discount for multiple enrolments in the same family.)
Tue 9:45, Sat 9:30

Focus is on playfully discovering rhythms, developing beat and vocal skills, and exploring pitch & dynamics through songs, rhymes, stories, and creative movement. We’ll play xylophones, and all kinds of drums, shakers, bells, tambourines, and more! Musical literacy will be introduced. Sat 10:25 

“U-CAN UKULELE!” ~ for 6-8 yr olds 
This is a continuation of the Fall & Winter terms, so some experience is required. We’ll have fun strumming, singing & picking as we continue to learn the basics of this versatile instrument. Students must provide their own ukulele (GCEA tuning – don’t worry, I can help with that!). Tue 4:30